Kuri Tec® K7300 POLYWIRE® PLUS Heavy Wall Wire-Yarn Reinforced Vacuum/Pressure Hose

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Kuri Tec K7300 POLYWIRE


  • 29.9″ HG vacuum rating at 70° F
  • Wire helix reinforcement prevents kinking or collapsing – hose diameter will not expand under normal rated working pressures
  • Crystal clear construction allows visual confirmation of product flow
  • Glass-smooth interior reduces material buildup
  • Electrogalvanized helical steel wire can be used for static dissipation
  • Resistant to chemicals (see chemical resistance chart)
  • Non-toxic
  • Silicone and Phthalate free
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Service temperature: +15° F (-9° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

Phthalate free

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K7300-08X25 [1/2" ID x 25 feet]
K7300-08X100 [1/2" ID x 100 feet]
K7300-12X25 [3/4" ID x 25 feet]
K7300-12X100 [3/4" ID x 100 feet]
K7300-16X25 [1" ID x 25 feet]
K7300-16X100 [1" ID x 100 feet]
K7300-20X50 [1.25" ID x 50 feet]
K7300-24X50 [1.5" ID x 50 feet]
K7300-32X50 [2" ID x 50 feet]

SKU K7300-08X25
SKU K7300-24X50
SKU K7300-08X100
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SKU K7300-12X100
SKU K7300-16X25
SKU K7300-16X100
SKU K7300-20X50
SKU K7300-32X50

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