Kuriyama SJMD & DJMD Mill Discharge Hose


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  • Easy identification – white cover with single stripe. Red stripe indicates single jacket (SJMD Series); blue stripe indicates double jacket (DJMD Series)
  • Smooth natural rubber tube and all synthetic yarn that provides strength and flexibility
  • Double Jacket version provides greater abrasion resistance
  • Water and mildew resistant cover which will not rot even if the hose is stored wet
  • Wide range of operating temperatures – Hose may be used in temperatures from -25° F (-31° C) to +185° F (+85° C) without stiffening
  • Hose is individually packed in cartons for ease of handling and shipping. Hoses also rolls into a flat, tight coil for easy storage and transport, taking up less space than other hoses

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DJMD150x100 [1.5" (1.54" ID) x 100 feet]
DJMD250x100 [2.5" (2.54" ID) x 100 feet]
SJMD150x50 [1.5" (1.61" ID) x 50 feet]
SJMD150x100 [1.5" (1.61" ID) x 100 feet]
SJMD200x50 [2" (2.13" ID) x 50 feet]
SJMD200x100 [2" (2.13" ID) x 100 feet]
SJMD250x50 [2.5" (2.64" ID) x 50 feet]
SJMD250x100 [2.5" (2.64" ID) x 100 feet]
SJMD300x50 [3" (3.15" ID) x 50 feet]
SJMD300x100 [3" (3.15" ID) x 100 feet]
SJMD400x50 [4" (4.06" ID) x 50 feet]
SJMD400x100 [4" (4.06" ID) x 100 feet]

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SKU SJMD150x100
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SKU SJMD300x100
SKU SJMD200x100
SKU SJMD400x50
SKU SJMD250x50
SKU SJMD400x100
SKU DJMD150x100
SKU DJMD250x100

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