NORRES AIRDUC® PUR 356 HT High Temperature, Super-Heavy Duty Polyurethane Hose

Item #: 356HT-MAIN

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  • Very good heat resistance (better than comparable TPE and Neoprene)
  • Very good low temperature flexibility
  • Extremely abrasion resistant with reinforcement underneath wire and narrow hose pitch
  • Very high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance
  • Good Resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
  • Conveying for high volume of warm abrasive powders, bulk materials, granulates and warm gases
  • Ideal for the plastics industries
  • Spring steel wire firmly embedded in wall
  • Wall consists of specal premium high-temperature polyurethane HT-PUR (Pre-PUR®)
  • Temperature Range: -40° F to 255° F, short time to 300° F

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356HT-065×25 [2.5" ID x 25 feet]
356HT-065×50 [2.5" ID x 50 feet]
356HT-076×25 [3" ID x 25 feet]
356HT-076×50 [3" ID x 50 feet]
356HT-102×25 [4" ID x 25 feet]
356HT-102×50 [4" ID x 50 feet]
356HT-127×25 [5" ID x 25 feet]
356HT-127×50 [5" ID x 50 feet]
356HT-152×25 [6" ID x 25 feet]
356HT-152×50 [6" ID x 50 feet]

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SKU 356HT-065x50
SKU 356HT-076x25
SKU 356HT-076x50
SKU 356HT-102x25
SKU 356HT-102x50
SKU 356HT-127x25
SKU 356HT-127x50
SKU 356HT-152x25
SKU 356HT-152x50

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