SLIDE® Urethane Mold Release No. 45812H

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SLIDE® Urethane Mold Release is extremely effective for all polyurethanes including rigid, semi-rigid and flexible urethane foams. Urethane Mold Release imparts a light, dry coating on the mold, eliminating build-up. It’s so effective that it continues to work for several cycles between applications.

  • Made especially for all polyurethanes: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible urethane foams
  • Solvent-free dry formulation
  • Non-paintable silicone mold release
  • Maximum operating temperature: 500° F

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 9 in

Aerosol (case of 12) [45812H]
Cylinder [45835H]
1 gallon [45801PB]
5 gallon [45805PB]
55 gallon [45855PB]

SKU 45855PB
SKU 45805PB
SKU 45835H
SKU 45812H
SKU 45801PB

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