SLIDE® No-Rust Rust Preventive No. 40212M

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SLIDE No-Rust Rust Preventive No. 40212M

SLIDE® No-Rust Rust Preventive is a one-step rust preventive that contains both neutralizer and rust preventive. No-Rust provides positive protection by displacing moisture from metal surfaces and adhering tightly to the surface. Ideal for mold and die protection, SLIDE No-Rust works on stamping dies, stripper plates, jigs and fixtures, rubber mold dies, die casting dies, precision instruments, machine tools and machined or ground steel of all kinds. Accurate spray pattern concentrates protection in normally inaccessible crevices.

  • No chlorinated solvents
  • 5 year protection*
  • Non-silicone, non-wax formulation
  • Neutralizes fingerprint acids

*Protects up to five years under normal indoor storage conditions.

HELPFUL TIP: Corrosion Control: Your guide to the best mold care.

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