¾” SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Water Manifolds & Manifold Assemblies


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SMARTFLOW® 3/4″ Aluminum Water Manifolds feature NPT(F) inlet/outlets with dovetail inter-locking channels and pre-drilled holes for ease in pairing and mounting. Blue or red anodizing identifies supply and return water lines and protects against corrosion. Optional brass shut-off valves are assembled onto each port. Not certified for use in potable water applications.


  • Standard 1/4″ or 3/8″ port sizes
  • 300° F (149° C) operating temperature rating
  • One-piece aluminum extrusion
  • Anodized for corrosion protection
  • Brass end plug, pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting screws included
  • Available with brass ball valves or space saving mini brass ball valves
  • Available with 200 or 300 Series Quick Connect plugs installed in ball valves
  • Standard items in stock – custom configurations available
  • Many optional accessories available

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SKU 6SA-4-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-4-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-4-3-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-6-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-6-3-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-8-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-8-3-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-10-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-10-3-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-12-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-12-3-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-AY
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BY
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-16-2-2-MBZ
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-AY
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-AZ
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BH2Y
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BH2Z
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BH3Y
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BH3Z
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BY
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-BZ
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBH2Y
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBH2Z
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBH3Y
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBH3Z
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBY
SKU 6SA-16-3-2-MBZ

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