Stainless Steel In-Line Filter

The New Standard in Injection Molding

Dirt particles in coolants often result in blockages in small cooling channels and can render mould inserts useless.

This maintenance friendly Mouldpro stainless steel in-line filter MPF-80-200 offers superior low cost protection against foreign body particles, in particular for conformal cooling channel of injection moulding tools.

The filter can be flanged to the mould operated in conjunction with temperature  control units.

Features & Benefits:

Sure protection of your temperature cooling channels

High filter performance is based on a star shaped folded stainless steel sieve that prevents the ingress of all particles of >200μm into the cooling channel.

Versatile use

The filter is suitable for use with water- or oil-based coolants with a flow volume of up to 80 l/min and offers versatile application possibilities within a temperature range of -10 to260°C.

Simple maintenance

A maintenance friendly concept allow easy removal of the filter insert, which can be cleaned with compressed air, in an ultrasound bath or by means of a high pressure cleaner. The filter housing remains in the system circuit.

The MPF-80-200 can be supplied with an optional maintenance indicator.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Low cost with high filter performance
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Suitable for high flow volumes
  • Large temperature range

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