Terms & Conditions

Ordering Information

Phone Orders:
Toll Free: 888-792-2223
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm (EST)

Fax Orders:
Fax: 508-842-4406

Internet Orders:
Orders may be placed via our website through our secure online ordering system.
We also accept orders by email to sales@plastixs.com.


Same Day Shipment

Same day shipment is available for in-stock items on most orders received by 2:00pm EST. 

Delivery and Shipping Information 

 Go to Shipping Information page.

Return Policy, Products and Service Guarantee

All products are warranted to perform in accordance to their specifications and will be accepted for full credit or replacement if the product was used in accordance for the intended application. Liability is limited to the price of the item sold. Notification of shipping errors within 15 days upon receipt of goods will be promptly corrected.

Non-Stocked and Custom Items

Contact us via email, fax or phone us with your request.

Credit and Payment

A completed credit application will be processed within 1-2 business days upon receipt. Credit levels and payment terms may be adjusted periodically, based upon actual payment history and purchasing requirements. Payment terms are Net 30 Days unless otherwise discussed.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted.

Damaged, Lost or Short Shipments

UPS Shipments - Notify your local UPS office immediately. Also, advise us so that we can re-ship the merchandise and submit a claim. Keep damaged goods and containers until advised to dispose or return.

Motor Freight - Shippers are not responsible for merchandise damaged or lost by motor freight carriers. If shipment is damaged or short one or more packages, have the damage or shortage noted by the delivering carrier’s agent on receipts and freight bill. If you accept a short or damaged shipment from the delivering carrier without proper notation by his agent, you do so at your own risk.

Additional Notes

Plastixs, LLC reserves the right to make product improvements, changes, modifications or deletions to all products sold without incurring any liability. While every effort is made to ensure the listed dimensions and specifications are accurate, Plastixs does not guarantee their accuracy. The design guidelines and drawings are believed to be reliable, yet are provided for reference only.


"The Plastixs difference is that they bring their technical knowledge and engineering expertise to each individual application."
Procurement Manager
Global Semiconductor Manager

"We have a long and successful relationship with Plastixs. They consistently provide excellent service and support for a wide range of unique products. Plastixs has become an essential part of our team."
Molding Manager
World leader in consumer packaging

"In my 30-plus years in the plastics industry; using, buying and even manufacturing manifolds in house, this is by far the best set of manifolds we have ever seen. The Plastixs line of manifolds will be the only manifold we will ever use. We will recommend them to our vendors and customers alike."
General Manager (GM)
Manufacturer - Oil, Gas and Mining

"Thank you again for your outstanding customer service and assistance with getting us the right hoses to us so quickly...even though it was our error. If there is a "customer survey" that I can ever do for you let me know. Otherwise have a great day and please keep up the excellent work! "
Facilities Operations Specialist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"I was touched by your kindness and generosity. We need more people like you and companies like Plastixs in this world!"
Food Services

"I want to express my satisfaction with the quick and courteous response that we received in the ordering of your product. I appreciate that we received tech support and this made us feel comfortable in the decision to go with your product. Great job, and thank you"
Operations Manager
Metal Construction Services

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