Burger & Brown Engineering names Plastixs the SMARTFLOW 2021 “Domestic Distributor of the Year”

Consistency and quality are central to products carried by and customer service of Plastixs – so we’re proud to be honored with the SMARTFLOW Domestic Distributor Award for 19 years in a row.

The award, which acknowledges superior sales and service of SMARTFLOW products, is presented by Burger & Brown Engineering, the maker of SMARTFLOW products. A long-time distributor of these products, Plastixs has won the award every year since 2003.

“We’re always proud to be recognized as the Domestic Distributor of the Year,” said Mickey Blyskal, President and CEO of Plastixs. “To have earned this every year for nearly two decades is both an incredible honor and validation of the effort our team puts into doing things right for our customers. SMARTFLOW products enable us to provide our clients the highest quality solutions for quality, productivity and efficiency.”

SMARTFLOW products frequently top our “customer favorite” lists, including:

  • Water manifolds
  • Flow regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Mold temperature regulators
  • Swap valves

For custom projects, Plastixs collaborates with SMARTFLOW’s team to design, prototype and assemble products to exact specifications. With SMARTFLOW and the combined engineering and manufacturing expertise of Plastixs, we deliver custom, turnkey solutions to customers.

Custom Manifold Assemblies Built for Your Needs

Across industries, Plastixs delivers custom-built manifold assemblies using the highest quality components on the market – including SMARTFLOW flowmeters, flow regulators, swap valves, and more. Critical to connecting components within production systems, manifolds distribute fluids across various circuits, ensuring precision, and consistent quality.

From system design to material selection, connection type, fluid monitoring, and more, the team at Plastixs can customize a manifold assembly to your exact needs, utilizing SMARTFLOW products. To learn more about custom manifold assemblies, read our eBook.

Award-Winning Customer Service & Product Assistance

We collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, provide custom solutions, and eliminate production obstacles. With the help of Burger & Brown, we offer world-class products for your injection molding and other plastics manufacturing needs.

With over two decades of industry experience, our team is honored to receive this award and we look forward to another year of partnership with the Burger & Brown team.

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