Tigerflex® provides high-value, FDA-safe hoses and accessories to food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and many other industries

Food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries rely on food grade products to maintain strict levels of compliance for health and safety. Without the right manufacturing accessories, the safety of both the production and employees becomes compromised. 

As a premier brand of FDA-safe products, Tigerflex – part of Kuriyama of America – combines quality and compliance, offering a complete line of thermoplastic, rubber and metal hose products as well as accessories that include couplings and fittings.

Compliant Across Industries 

As one of the few brands that manufacture FDA and ROHS-approved hoses, Tigerflex offers high-value products to clients in tightly regulated industries.

All Tigerflex products are made in the US and are highly durable, out-performing and out-lasting other, lower-priced and lesser quality hoses on the market.

Tigerflex’s broad range of food grade hoses is suitable for both dry and liquid goods, and even includes larger hoses for potable water (2” to 6” in diameter) that are used in various applications to pump large amounts of water.   

Hoses that Are Built to Last

Some users focus on flexibility, but the ability for the hose to hold up under vacuum is a key indicator of durability. As a result, the best quality hoses are often slightly stiffer than might be expected, but this is necessary to withstand the vacuum required for conveying materials.

Depending on the type of manufacturing, the volume of production, and other factors, some applications may be better suited to a more durable – yet slightly less flexible – hose.

Don’t compromise safety and productivity for ease of flexibility. Your hose should be able to hold up to both the vacuum required as well as the abrasion of the material being moved over time.

Safer & More Effective Manufacturing

With standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy-duty, Tigerflex offers the largest breadth of hoses for every manufacturing occasion – even in high static environments.

Tigerflex understands the challenges of food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and provides copper-wire embedded hoses to bleed off static.

Without dissipating this energy, static can build within your line. At the very least, this will clog your line; at worst, employees are at risk from an electric shock that can make working around the hose uncomfortable. The risk of arcs increases in environments with dust, including granaries.

With grounded hoses, your employees and facilities will be safer and more productive while complying with internal and external regulations.

Talk with Product Expert to Choose the Right Hose for You

There are many choices out there when it comes to industrial hoses. We know that selecting the right products for your equipment can be challenging.

The team at Plastixs is happy to help you determine the right hose for your equipment, volume and industry. With decades of experience in manufacturing, our experts have truly seen it all and can help problem-solve and identify the right hose solution for your needs.

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