NORRES Hoses: High Temperature, High Wear Solutions

By admin | April 27, 2021| Blog

Hoses take a beating in the plastics industry.

Many standard PVC hoses do not stand up to the daily wear andtear of plastics manufacturing applications for long.

Exposure to heat and abrasion can soon overcome the structuralintegrity of PVC hoses and the real cost of replacing them is measuredin downtime.

That is why... read more



Do you run your molds hot forpolycarbonate and engineering resins? Say goodbye to cracked and hardened hoseswith Plastixs HiTemp EPDM Hoses, specifically designed fortemperatures up to +284F.

Many standard water hoses have amaximum temperature of about 180F. For many molders, running these high-temperaturematerials... read more



Unlike standard manifoldassemblies, Plastixs HiTemp Water Manifold Assemblies are designed for injection molding with high temperature resins.

For many injection molders, finding a safe method of distributing high temperature process water can be challenging. Traditional manifolds are made from steel, aluminum or... read more



Plastixs has been named the SMARTFLOW 2020 Domestic Distributor of the Year for the 18th consecutive year.

Presented by Burger & Brown Engineering, the SMARTFLOW distributor award recognizes superior achievement in sales and service of SMARTFLOW products. Plastixs has won the award since 2003 and is proud to be recognized for the... read more



X-PURE from Plastixs is now available to stopscale build-up that causes mold and machinery damage and reduces heat transfer for molders needing to run their molds over 300F.

Plastixs, LLC a supplier of products that increase productivity and eliminate downtime for plastic injection molders, announces that the ... read more