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LA508-M-H-N and LA508-M-S-N 8-Zone Modular Leak Alarm Manifold 

M = Modular

H = Handle Assembly; S = Screw Assembly 

N=Zones:  1, 2, 3 or 4 (1=Zones 1-8, 2=Zones 9-16, 3=Zones 17-24, 4=Zones 25-32)

8-Zone Modular Leak Alarm Manifold

Requires connection to LA500 or LM2050 control/display unit which provides programmable options.

Power Communications Cables are needed to connect control unit to manifold system (sold separately)

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  • LA508-M Modular Manifold with Handle Release or Screw Release
  • 3 Meters PU tube
  • Protection Base


LA508_M-H-N and M-S-N
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