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SLIDE® Acid Vapor Neutralizer Rust Preventive and Inhibitor No. 44011

SLIDE® Acid Vapor Neutralizer is formulated to protect stored plastic molding dies from corrosive attack by hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids, as well as most common atmospheric corrosives and fingerprint acids. Length of protection is dependent on amount of PVC and flame-retardant being molded.

• No chlorinated solvents 
• Protection when molding PVC and flame-retardant resins 
• Provides dual protection against moisture and acids 
• A one-step rust preventive

  • No. 44011 aerosol (Net Wt. 11 oz.)
  • No. 44001PB 1-gallon
  • No. 44005PB 5-gallon
  • No. 44055PB 55-gallon 

Video: How to safely protect your molds with Rust Preventives

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