Fluid Distribution and Control


SMARTFLOW® Products are manufactured in the USA by Burger Brown Engineering - a leader in technology for injection and blow molding, fluid power and pnuematic equipment.

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Custom Manifold Assemblies and Hi-Temp Manifolds & Hoses

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SMARTFLOW® Water Manifolds

  • Aluminum Manifolds
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel with Low Profile Ports
  • Duoflow Manifolds

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SMARTFLOW® Flowmeters

  • Mechanical Flowmeters
  • Tracer Electronic Flowmeters
  • Tracer Switching Flowmeters
  • Tracer VM Flowmeter
  • Hot Oil/Water Flowmeters
  • Dr. Eddy Flowmeters

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SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Manifold Assemblies w/LinkedXValve™ control

Swap valve aluminum

SMARTFLOW® SWAP™ Valve (Aluminum)

  • Model A-A includes Check Valve
  • Model L-A includes Check Valve and Locking Pin

Swap valve aluminum

SMARTFLOW® SWAP® Valve (Molded)

  • Model A-M includes Check Valve
  • Model L-M includes Check Valve and Locking Pin
  • 1" Model Only

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SMARTFLOW® Flow Regulators

  • Brass Flow Regulators
  • Delta Q Flow Regulators

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Compact Stainless Steel Manifold Assemblies w/LinkedXValve™ Control

Compact Stainless Steel Manifold Assemblies w/Mini Brass Ball Valves

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LinkedXValve™ is a valve linkage system manufactured by Plastixs LLC (US Patent 10,160,149 B2). 

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Plastixs® Nylon Manifolds


Fluid Distribution and Control

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