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SLIDE® Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release No. 54912

An ideal lubricant for the front half of ejector pins (pins in forward position), SLIDE® Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release, an almost dry lubricant, minimizes the possibility of leaching out onto molded parts.  Use in combination with application of Super Grease on back side of ejector pins.  Stable at temperatures up to 450°F.  SLIDE® Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release can be used on plastics, rubber, waxes, glass-filled nylon and similar materials. 

  • No chlorinated solvents 
  • Non-silicone 
  • Paintable 
  • Food-approved lubricant (*) 
  • Dry release minimizes leaching out onto parts 
  • Maximum operating temperature:  450°F

(*) FDA regulation 21 CFR section 182.20; 21 CFR section 182.60; 21 CFR section 172.515 

  • No. 54912 aerosol (Net Wt. 11.5 oz.)
  • No. 54935N cylinder
  • No. 54901HB 1-gallon
  • No. 54905HB 5-gallon
  • No. 54955HB 55-gallon 

Slide 54912 Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release
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