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Smartflow® Thinswitch® Liquid Resistant Limit Switch

The SMARTFLOW® Thinswitch® Liquid-Resistant Limit Switch is designed to verify ejector plate return in areas where occasional water or oil is present. Two switches can be used in series for larger molds to ensure the ejector plate return and prevent costly mold damage.


  • Over 10 million cycle life without failure
  • 175°F (79.4°C) standard temperature rating
  • 250°F (121°C) high temperature unit for higher temperature needs
  • Adjustable actuation between .187" and .250" from the mold base
  • 3/16" thick design fits snugly behind the ejector plate between the rest buttons
  • Stripped and tinned 6 foot wire leads
  • Mounting screws and wire clips included
  • Uses same mounting hole locations as the original Thinswitch

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