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SLIDE® Mold Cleaner 4 No. 46910

Our Most Popular Mold Cleaner, Great Value

SLIDE® Mold Cleaner 4 contains no chlorinated solvents and is safe for use during plastic molding of food packaging articles. Provides a convenient method for removal of silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces, etc. without the need for wiping. Ideal for cold molds, Mold Cleaner 4 leaves no residue so it cleans without wiping. Fast evaporating formulation is non-conductive and non-abrasive. 

  • No. 46910 aerosol (Net Wt. 10 oz.) 
  • No. 46930 cylinder
  • No. 46901HB 1-gallon size
  • No. 46905HB 5-gallon size
  • No. 46955HB 55-gallon size

Video: How to properly clean your molds

HELPFUL TIP: Maintaining Molds Used in Medical Applications

Slide 46910 Mold Cleaner 4
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