SLIDE® Injection Mold Cleaners

SLIDE® Injection Mold Cleaners

Industrial strength cleaners, wipes and polishes for metal molds and general purpose cleaning. SLIDE® Mold Cleaners provide a convenient and effective way to remove release agents, grease, oil, wax and resin buildup. SLIDE® Products contain no Trichloroethylene (TCE) and no chlorinated solvents.

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46910 mold cleaner 4 circle

Our most popular mold cleaner - approved for food packaging applications.  Removes mold release, silicone, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces without the need for wiping. NSF P1 registered.

46370 mold cleaner wipes circle

Fast convenient pre-saturated cleaning towels in canister (No. 46370) or single packets (No. 46301).

46410 nexgen mold cleaner circle

Powerful, biodegradable cleaner is not a HAP, is non-corrosive and not SARA reportable.  Meets or exceeds the toughest health and safety issues, without sacrificing raw cleaning power.

40910p quick mold cleaner circle

Industrial mold cleaner dries more slowly to effectively clean molds at room temperature without wiping.  Removes silicone, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces with no residue.

45612 econo spray mold cleaner circle

Mold cleaner contains food approved solvents.  Removes mold release, silicone, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces.

44212 on cycle mold cleaner cleaner

At the press warm mold cleaner.  Use for multi-purpose cleaning as well as equipment cleaning.  No chlorinated solvents.  Food Approved (GRAS)* mold cleaner.

41914 resin remover circle

Resin Remover® uses powerful solvents to remove resin build-up and most color deposits and will remove, strip and/or aid in the removal of many resinous plastics.

47410 x empt mold cleaner circle

Mold Cleaner that provides a cleaning formulation that uses no reportable VOC's.  Meets California CARB standards and also contains no chlorinated solvents.   Provides a convenient and powerful method for removal of silicone, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces and more.  Fast evaporating formulation will evaporate completely.

47112 nfc mold cleaner circle

Powerful, non-flammable mold cleaner evaporates fast and is an excellent solder flux remover.

41515 plastic cleaner with foamaction circle

Plastic Cleaner uses FOAMACTION foaming spray to remove oil and dirt marks from all plastics including sensitive polycarbonates.  Spray and wipe clean, then polish with a clean, dry cloth.

47212 ipa isopropyl alcohol mold cleaner circle

IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner is NSF category P1.  Kosher-approved ingredients.  Leaves no residue.

46515 citra cling mold cleaner circle

Water-based high density foaming cleaner is an excellent cleaning agent that clings to vertical surfaces.  Superior clinging action allows for maximum cleaning.

43310 pc polish cleaner circle

Also known as "Old Yellow" use on all metal molds to remove stains and discoloration.

45210 mold   metal polish circle

Metal cleaner and polish removes plate-out, oxidation and stains on fine tooling surfaces.  Easier to remove than other polishes and wipes on and off without leaving a residue.  Available in 10-ounce jar or 1.76 ounce tube.

43016 silicone remover circle

A specially formulated wetting agent to be mixed with water to remove silicone from molded plastic parts through repeated washing or by the use of an ultrasonic cleaning bath.


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