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SLIDE® Mold Shield "Dry" Rust Preventive No. 42910P

SLIDE® Mold Shield "Dry" Rust Preventive has a unique, extra-dry spray package, which delivers a dry, non-penetrating mist into moving mold parts, including ejector pin holes, slides, cams, and more.  This special dry mist prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back in service. 

•  No chlorinated solvents 
•  Unique "dry" formula
•  2-year protection* 
•  Non-penetrating 
•  Will not bleed out and mark parts 
•  Neutralizes fingerprint acids
•  Non-silicone, non-wax formulation 
•  Self-cleaning in start-up 
•  Seals out condensation 

*Protects up to two years under normal indoor storage conditions. 

HELPFUL TIP: Corrosion Control: Your guide to the best mold care.

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Slide 42910P Mold Shield Rust Preventive
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