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Moldshields™ Mold Side Curtains

Stop contamination, Increase Productivity, Great ROI!

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Moldshields™ are crystal clear plastic mold side curtains that prevent parts from scattering while allowing you to observe the molding area and monitor parts production. As the mold opens and closes the mold shield correspondingly unwinds and recoils with each press cycle. 



  • In-service life expectancy of 3 million cycles
  • Reduces scrap and increases good output
  • Easily mounted to the mold or platen with high-strength magnets
  • Can be mounted permanently to the molding machine
  • Maximum operating temperature 250°F 
  • Available in various heights 
  • 24-inch open width on all sizes
  • Each item contains two side curtains, mounting hardware and magnets
  • Additional hardware is also available in the dropdown menu below - Part # MS-Hardware

VIDEO:  Moldshield in action . . . 

Mold Shield Installed
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