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SLIDE® NEXGEN Cleaner No. 46410   

SLIDE® NEXGEN Cleaner is formulated purely from citrus & vegetable products. Use SLIDE® NEXGEN for oil spill clean-up and remediation, dewaxing, removing mold release and degreasing. The most extraordinary cleaning product available - superior to other “natural” cleaners.

  • No chlorinated solvents 
  • NSF category P1 (download NSF approval letter) 
  • Food-approved solvents (GRAS)****
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Meets tough health, safety, environmental regulations
  • High solvency for resins, polymers and dies 

(****) FDA regulation 21 CFR section 182.20; 21 CFR section 182.60; 21 CFR section 172.515 

No. 46410 aerosol (Net Wt. 10 oz.) 

No. 46430 Cylinder
No. 46401B 1-gallon 
No. 46405B 5-gallon 

No. 46455B 55-gallon

Video: How to properly clean your molds

HELPFUL TIP: Maintaining Molds Used in Medical Applications

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