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SLIDE® Purge-Atory Purging Compound No. 470-45, 470-1000

SLIDE® Purge-Atory is a heavy-duty purging compound recommended for use with gas emitting resins, such as Delrin® and acetal.  No mixing or preparation time required.  Shortens purge cycle time.

  • Safe to purge through the mold
  • Helps eliminate color streaking and black specs
  • Chemically reactive compound
  • SAN resin carrier
  • GRAS rated, safe for food packaging applications
  • Operating temperatures 370°F - 610°F


HELPFUL TIP: Cost per pound per purge

HELPFUL TIP: True Story: How a molder turned hours into minutes by changing purge

Slide Purge-Atory Purging Compound
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