SLIDE® Rust Preventives


SLIDE® Rust Preventives

SLIDE® Industrial strength rust preventives and inhibitors provide short and long-term protection against finger-print acids, moisture, acid vapors and more.


Video: How to safely protect your molds with Rust Preventives


Acidvapor newcap circle

The one-step rust preventive that contains both neutralizer and rust preventive. Ideal for plastic mold protection. Protects up to five years under normal conditions.

Moldshield newcap circle

New ultra-dry formula delivers a dry mist which will not penetrate into moving parts. Self-cleaning at startup. Non-silicone and non-wax formulation protects up to two years.

Norust newcap circle

One-step rust preventive contains both neutralizer and rust preventive. Ideal for plastic mold protection - protects up to 5 years.

Penetrantplus newcap circle

Non-silicone PTFE-base formulation penetrates and frees frozen parts. Lifts and replaces moisture with protective film.

Quickrustpreventive newcap circle

Dry formula makes oils stay where they are sprayed. Fast clean up with two years protection under normal conditions.

Whiterhino newcap circle

NSF H1 permits use in operations requiring food-approved ingredients. Neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-healing. Self-cleaning at startup. No trichloroethylene.


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