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SLIDE® Silicone Mold Release No. 40112N

Get more cycles per spray, more cycles per can, with SLIDE'S Silicone high-quality, pure silicone-oil mold release.  Keeps the most challenging parts from hanging up and stalling production.  SLIDE® Silicone Mold Release is extremely effective for injection and compression molding.  

  • No chlorinated solvents 
  • Food-approved lubricant (++) 
  • Faster molding & more production 
  • Approved for food packaging machinery
  • Maximum operating temperature:  600°F 

(++) Lubricants are suitable for food contact use as indicated in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The appropriate sections for release agents are 175.300, 177.2600, 178.3570 and 181.28. Federal Definitions and Standards of identity for Food CFR 121.101 (G.R.A.S.). Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories.

  • No. 40112N aerosol (Net Wt. 12 oz.) 
  • No. 40135 Cylinder
  • No. 40112PB 1-gallon
  • No. 40105PB 5-gallon
  • No. 40155PB 55-gallon 

HELPFUL TIP: Maintaining Molds Used in Medical Applications

Slide 40112N Silicone Mold Release
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