Processing, Cleaning & Maintenance


Carefully formulated to ensure maximum productivity, Slide products contain no Trichloroethylene and no chlorinated solvents what-so-ever!



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Slide Mold Cleaners.  Industrial strength cleaners, wipes and polishes for metal molds and general purpose cleaning. 

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Slide Mold Releases. Comes in a variety of formulations including silicone, non-silicone, paintable, food approved, formulations for thermosets, lecithin, biodegradable and odorless. 

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Slide Rust Preventives. Industrial strength rust preventives and inhibitors provide short and long-term protection against finger-print acids, moisture, acid vapors and more.

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Slide Lubricants.  Industrial grease and lubricants for plastics processors, injection molders and general industry.

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Slide Purging Compounds.  Liquid, mechanical and chemical purging compounds that work with multiple resins at various temperatures.

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Slide Econo-Spray.  It contains many of the same extremely effective active ingredients.  So you get a great value and great savings.

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Slide Accessories include Freedom automatic spray units, spray bottles and applicators for applying mold releases, mold cleaners, industrial lubricants and rust preventives.


Processing, Cleaning & Maintenance

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