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SMARTFLOW® SWAP® Valve (Aluminum)

The SMARTFLOW® SWAP® Valve is a simple, manually selectable device that supplies cooling water to the mold during processing or air to purge the water from the mold, cooling lines, supply and return manifolds prior to tool change. An included check valve should be installed in the return line downstream from the return manifold to prevent backflow to the mold. An optional spring-loaded, locking mechanism on the valve selector assembly is available for molders who require additional protection from accidental valve movement. The SWAP Valve is well-suited for cooling water Supply lines up to 2-inch NPT on frequently changed tools that are hung on small to medium tonnage injection molding machines. Typical mounting is on the press frame or the safety door frame. Mounting on any suitable surface such as a platen, mold or manifold stand is acceptable.


  • 1-inch and 2-inch NPT sizes
  • Max operating temperature: 250°F (121°C), Max pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  • Saves 15-20 minutes of unproductive tool change time
  • Protects tools from corrosion build-up
  • Permits fast identification of supply lines
  • Shuts-off supply water conveniently near the machine control
  • Provides cooling water flow at minimum pressure drop
  • Reduces accidents around the press
  • Model A-A includes Check Valve
  • Model L-A includes Check Valve and Locking Pin
  • Optional Dielectric fitting helps reduce galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals*
  • Optional Taco 4900 Air Separator is recommended for use in closed loop water systems**

  * Optional Dielectric fittings are strongly recommended for use with the Swap Valve when copper or brass piping is present in the water circulating lines.

** If temperature control units are not used, an air separator may be installed at the highest point in the return cooling water loop to remove air from the system. The Taco 4900 Series Air Separators are designed for the complete elimination of air from closed loop water circulating systems. 

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