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UniVest® Straps & Buckles

UniVest® Straps & Buckles provide added versatility for UniVest® Insulation Jackets and Throw Blankets. They can be used to:        

  • Extend the reach of a UniVest® Insulation Jacket
  • Daisy chain multiple UniVest® Insulation Jackets together
  • Fasten UniVest® Throw Blankets to any surface for added stability.

UniVest® Straps & Buckles are carefully spun using fiberglass yarns. The strength and flexibility of the nickel steel roller buckles allow for easy adjusting or increased extension to provide a secure fit.

UniVest® Straps & Buckles are resistant to most chemicals and can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F. This creates a perfect fit when combined with UniVest® Insulation Jackets or UniVest® Throw Blankets.



UniVest® Straps & Buckles are available in three standard lengths: 24, 36, and 48 inch.  

Every order of UniVest® Straps & Buckles comes with 6 straps and buckles.  


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