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UniVest® Throw Blankets 

UniVest® Throw Blankets are the most basic and simplified version of an insulation system in the UniVest® Insulation Systems line.

Throw Blankets are removable/reusable insulation covers that provide temperature protection up to 1500°F. They are ideal for applications that need to be easily and readily accessed. With the added advantage of being modular, easy to maneuver and simple to install/reinstall, Throw Blankets offer 98% of all the insulation benefits of a UniVest® Insulation Jacket. The ability to drape and/or magnetize Throw Blankets to a desired object makes their application virtually limitless.

Simply measure the area of the desired application and choose from one of our standard sizes ranging from 12 inches to 48 inches in both width and length.

As per specification, Throw Blankets are manufactured with or without magnets to better suit your requirements for placement, protection and energy efficiency.


Video: How to install UniVest®

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