Paratherm™ HE Heat Transfer Fluid

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Low Viscosity for Easy Start Up

Paratherm™ HE heat transfer fluid is an economical, highly refined, mineral oil-based heat transfer fluid formulated from highly refined petroleum-based stocks for improved performance vs. standard mineral oil heat transfer fluids. Paratherm™ HE is engineered for high-performance to 600° F (316° C) in closed-loop liquid phase heating systems, in a variety of industrial applications.


  • High purity formulation resists fouling
  • NSF HT-1 food grade heat transfer fluid; Kosher approved
  • Best-in-class thermal stability
  • Low vapor pressure / high flash point
  • Operating Temperature Range: 37° F (3° C) to 630° F (332° C)


  • Asphalt processing & storage
  • Oil & gas processing
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Plastics, polymers & textiles
  • Industrial drying processes

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