Paratherm™ LC Continuous Thermal Cleaning Fluid

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Cleaning fluid for Hot Oil Temperature Control Units

Paratherm™ LC continuous thermal cleaning fluid is specifically formulated to suspend and dissolve sludge deposits that can reduce flow and effficiency — and thus heat transfer — in larger, continuously-operated systems.

Paratherm™ LC heat transfer fluid is a unique additive formula and large thermal system cleaner, compatible with all mineral oil-based fluids. It operates while the system is operating, eliminating the downtime involved with flushing fluids or chemical cleaning agents.


  • Restores system performance
  • Dissolves sludge as system runs
  • Additive cleaner means no downtime, and no flushing step
  • Unique formula compatible with any mineral oil-based fluid
  • Operating Temperature Range: 52° F (11° C) to 550° F (288° C)


  • Industrial drying
  • Chemical processing
  • Asphalt processing & storage
  • Engineered wood & building materials

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