AIRTECT ULTIMATE LA520 20-Zone + 2 Loop Modular Stand-Alone Leak Alarm Manifold

Item #: LA520-2L-S-M-H-MAIN



AIRTECT ULTIMATE LA506 6-Zone + 1 Loop Modular Stand-Alone Leak Alarm Manifold
M = Modular

H = Handle Assembly; S = Screw Assembly

Does NOT require connection to LA500 or LM2050 control/display unit

Requires PCC-S-X Power/Relay Interlock Cable

Requires LA524-B-X Base


Cannot be daisy chained as part of a larger system


  • LA520-2L-S ULTIMATE Modular Stand-Alone Manifold with Handle Release or Screw Release and LED Display
  • 3 Meters PU Tube
  • Protection Base
  • AR-20G Air Pressure Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Air Filter and Fittings
  • Installation/Operation Manual

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Handle or Screw


SKU LA520-2L-S-M-H
SKU LA520-2L-S-M-S

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