Kuri Tec® 220 LLDPE Food-Grade Polyethylene Tubing

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Kuri Tec 220 LLDPE Food-Grade Polyethylene Tubing


  • LLDPE food-grade tubing for standard industrial applications, such as transfer of air and liquids, water lines, water softener lines, pneumatic logic control lines, vending equipment and more
  • Economical and lightweight
  • LLDPE resin provides excellent environmental stress crack resistance
  • Natural color
  • Excellent resistance to solvents
  • Chemically inert
  • Phthalate free
  • Service temperature: -50° F (-45° C) to +140° F (+60° C)

Phthalate Free

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220-0440X100 [.170" ID x 100 feet]
220-0440X500 [.170" ID x 500 feet]
220-0440X1K [.170" ID x 1000 feet]
220-0440X2K [.170" ID x 2000 feet]
220-0662X100 [1/4" ID x 100 feet]
220-0662X500 [1/4" ID x 500 feet]
220-0662X1K [1/4" ID x 1000 feet]
220-0862X100 [3/8" ID x 100 feet]
220-0862X500 [3/8" ID x 500 feet]
220-1062X100 [1/2" ID x 100 feet]
220-1062X500 [1/2" ID x 500 feet]

SKU 220-0440X100
SKU 220-0440X500
SKU 220-0440X1K
SKU 220-0440X2K
SKU 220-0662X100
SKU 220-0662X500
SKU 220-0662X1K
SKU 220-0862X100
SKU 220-0862X500
SKU 220-1062X100
SKU 220-1062X500

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