Kuri Tec® A4176 Conductive PVC Air Hose with Polyurethane Cover

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Kuri Tec A4176 Conductive PVC Air Hose with Polyurethane Cover


  • Tube – co-extruded electrically-conductive PVC
  • Spiral polyester yarn reinforcement
  • Cover – blue polyurethane
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance afforded by polyurethane cover
  • Continuous flexible conductive liner assures contact with fittings, without special preparation or clamping techniques
  • No wires to break when hose is flexed
  • Branded as “Conductive Air”
  • Non-marking non-perforated cover
  • Silicone and Phthalate free
  • Service Temperature: -14° F (-10° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

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A4176-04X100 [1/4" ID x 100 feet]
A4176-04X500 [1/4" ID x 500 feet]
A4176-06X100 [3/8" ID x 100 feet]
A4176-06X500 [3/8" ID x 500 feet]
A4176-08X100 [1/2" ID x 100 feet]
A4176-08X500 [1/2" ID x 500 feet]

SKU A4176-04X100
SKU A4176-04X500
SKU A4176-06X100
SKU A4176-06X500
SKU A4176-08X100
SKU A4176-08X500

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