Kuri Tec® K7000 Anti-Stat Blasting Tubing

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Kuri Tec K7000 Anti-Stat Blasting Tubing


  • Conductivity-effectively limits build-up of static electricity
  • Good wear resistance due to smooth interior and exterior surfaces, combined with tough material formulation
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Continuous ORANGE strip makes tubing visible in underground lighting
  • Bulk unloading of ammonium nitrate/fuel oil blasting agents in small diameter holes
  • Successfully used with Orica’s blast hole chargers, intermediate loaders and the Penberthy Anoloader
  • Phthalate free
  • Service Temperature: -30° F (-35° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

Phthalate Free

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K7000-10X200 [5/8" ID x 200 feet]
K7000-12X200 [3/4" ID x 200 feet]
K7000-16X300R [1" ID x 300 feet]
K7000-20X100 [1.25" ID x 100 feet]

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SKU K7000-10X200
SKU K7000-12X200
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