Kuri Tec® K2W NAUTILUS™ PVC Weighted Aeration Tubing

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  • Ideal for pond and lake aeration, water recirculation, ice clearing, wastewater lagoons, commercial hatcheries
  • Special black weighted PVC compound ensures durability, reliability and sink-ability while in use
  • Remains flexible for use in a wide range of temperatures
  • Greatly reduces installation time
  • Naturally sinks without the use of additional weights or anchors
  • Phthalate free
  • Service Temperature: +25° F (-4° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

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K2W-0611X300 [3/8" ID x 300 feet]
K2W-0815X200 [1/2" ID x 200 feet]
K2W-1017X100 [5/8" ID x 100 feet]
K2W-1220X100 [3/4" ID x 100 feet]
K2W-1627X100 [1" ID x 100 feet]

SKU K2W-0611X300
SKU K2W-0815X200
SKU K2W-1017X100
SKU K2W-1220X100
SKU K2W-1627X100

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