SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Manifolds with Plastixs LinkedXValve™

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LinkedXValve™ is a valve linkage system designed, engineered and manufactured by Plastixs, LLC (US Patent 10,160,149 B2).

The LinkedXValve™ allows a single lever to operate both mold cooling supply and return lines simultaneously.  It can be installed onto standard manifolds and brass ball valves giving the manifolds a reduced footprint and increased efficiency.  Operators can actuate supply and return valves from a single side of the manifold assembly.  This allows the manifold assembly to be mounted with a small footprint.  This is important for keeping the manifold near the mold for the best efficiency.  On large cooling manifold installations, it can ensure the set-up person is shutting off the back row of valves that are often blocked by the hoses, therefore preventing spills and loss of production time.  Faster mold changes with fewer chances of error or downtime.


1″ and 1-1/2″ SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Water Manifold Assemblies with (8,12,16,24 or 32 total ports) 3/8″ NPT ports (on 1″ manifolds) & 1/2″ NPT ports (on 1-1/2″ manifolds) and LinkedXValve control.  A supply and return manifold side-by-side each with 4,6,8,12 or 16 ports (8,12,16,24 or 32 total ports) and having 1″ or 1-1/2″ NPT (F) inlets on each end. Each manifold is assembled with:

Qty. 8,12,16,24 or 32 (total ports):  3/8″ NPT ports (on 1″ manifolds) & 1/2″ NPT ports (on 1-1/2″ manifolds) full port brass valve installed on each port.
Qty. 4,6,8,12 or 16 (total ports):  Plastixs LinkedXValve control. Allowing the operation of both supply and return valves with a single lever.
Qty. 8,12,16,24 or 32 (total ports):  300 Series Male Quick Disconnect plug installed in each valve.

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