With so many mold cleaners on the market, it’s hard to know which one will work best on your molds. Here’s your guide for selecting the right one.

As a staple in both injection molding and extruding, mold cleaners break down the contaminants that can potentially damage plastic parts, the mold itself and production throughput.

We proudly represent SLIDE because, from our experience with their products since 1999, they produce the most effective and broadest range of mold cleaners on the market.

Since SLIDE has several mold cleaners in their catalog, how do you find the right one and is there something better than what you’re using today for certain applications? Here is our Slide mold cleaner guide.

The Best Seller

SLIDE Mold Cleaner 4 (46910) is the product we stock the most – and for good reason: it removes mold release, silicone, grease, oil, and wax build-up on mold surfaces without the need for wiping. Mold cleaner 4 is NSF registered (P1) and free of chlorinated solvents so is safe for use with food packaging and medical product molding.

Mold Cleaner 4 works well with cold molds and is a fast-evaporating formula that is non-conductive and non-abrasive. We recommend this cleaner as a safe and effective product across many injection molding and extruding applications.

Mold Cleaners for Cleanrooms & More

SLIDE Mold Cleaner Wipes (46370) pre-saturated cleaning towels are very effective and ideal for use in cleanrooms where you can’t spray.

Mold Wipes are useful for both preparing molds for production and storage, as well as touching-up cleaning during production, surface preparation prior to secondary operations, general maintenance, and all-purpose cleaning.

Try them once and you’ll wind up using them for a long time.

As Powerful as Environmentally Friendly

SLIDE NEXGEN mold cleaner (46410) is another popular product. Made from soy, NEXGEN is fully biodegradable, NSF registered (P1), uses food-approved solvents (GRAS), and is free of chlorinated solvents.

NEXGEN is extremely powerful with high solvency for resins, polymers and dies. As a result, NEXGEN is ideal for oil spill clean-up and remediation, dewaxing, removing mold release, and degreasing. NEXGEN works well in an aerosol or bulk form.

In our view, NEXGEN is the most extraordinary cleaning product available and is superior to other “natural” cleaners.

The One That Works Great on Warm Molds

SLIDE On/Cycle Mold Cleaner (44212) works best in production on warm molds (up to 150°F) as it easily removes mold release, oil, grease, and many resinous build-ups before they can become a problem – and evaporates off well on a warm mold. OnCycle can also be used on cool molds and in combination with Mold Cleaner 4 to help flash off the mold.

On/Cycle is an NSF registered (P1), uses food-approved solvents (GRAS), is free of chlorinated solvents, will not stain aluminum, and even has a pleasant orange scent.

Food-Grade Isopropyl Alcohol in a Can

SLIDE IPA Mold Cleaner (47212) is ideal for our food packaging and medical injection molders because it’s NSF registered (P1) and flashes off the mold without leaving any residue. As a result, IPA is very effective at removing grease, oils, wax, outgassing, and resin buildup in vents – and is sold by the can as well as in bulk.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Mold Cleaner

From temperature to speed, injection molders and extruders need the right mold cleaners to protect your molds, maximize throughput, and increase productivity.

If you’re unsure of which mold cleaner to choose and if buying in bulk is right for you, the Plastixs team can help. With decades of experience working with injection molders, we understand your needs, can quickly help you make the right choice, and have all of these mold cleaners in stock.

Contact us to learn more about SLIDE mold cleaners and releases