The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System provides an early detection system for leaks in your plastic molds, preventing costly repairs and downtime.


Molten plastic leaks are more than just a nuisance for injection molders; even a minor leak can spell disaster, significantly damaging your molds and requiring extensive cleanup and repair.

While leaks are an industry-wide problem, few manufacturers know of a simple warning system that can save them thousands, keep their molds online, and prevent catastrophic leaks.

The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System is a cost-effective, unique device that assists in preventing damage caused by leaking molten plastic material at the main injection nozzle and within hot runner molds.

Don’t Let This Happen to You:


The Risks of Leaking Molten Plastic

Molten plastic exposed within your work environment poses a significant risk to the safety of your equipment, molds, and – most importantly – your team.

Injection molds run at high pressures, often between 10,000 and 30,000 psi. With such a high pressure, the flow path of the plastic must be seamless to prevent leaks from occurring. Maintaining the safety of your manufacturing facility includes regular upkeep and monitoring of the state of your molds, but leaks are hard to predict and can cause significant damage to your operations.

The tangible risks of a leak include machine downtime and repair, maintenance labor to replace and clean the plastic, and the replacement of heater bands and thermocouples. The greater the machine tonnage, the greater the cost of a nozzle leak. The intangible costs of leaks can include reputational damage due to late deliveries, and compliance issues for industry health standards.

The AIRTECT alarm system monitors your molds for leaks, alerting you the moment a leak has occurred.

Immediately Identify Nozzle & Hot Runner Leaks

Don’t wait for disaster to strike; AIRTECT notifies you the instant your mold malfunctions.

The AIRTECT system operates with a small amount of air going through 1.6 mm or 2.0 mm stainless steel tubes (at 2-3 PSI, using less than <0.01 cfm per circuit). AIRTECT utilizes a very sensitive pressure differential switch with an alarm that sounds whenever air flow on any tube is blocked or degreases. A small length of high temperature silicone tube is added to the stainless steel tube for increased sensitivity.

See how it works:

High ROI

Installation is straightforward for both new and existing hot runner systems and, with an LED display, you can view the status of your entire operations. This solution provides 24-hour protection and peace of mind for injection molders that can’t afford downtime.

From automotive to medical to food packaging and other industries, manufacturers that run high production often spend tens of thousands of dollars on repairing mold leaks. The AIRTECT Plastic Alarm System offers a safeguard against leaks for under $1,000 – protecting you from damage that could cost 10-100x of what AIRTECT costs.

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Whether you have new molds, problematic existing ones, or simply manage many changeovers, the AIRTECT system helps you maintain online production without the fear of costly leaks – like a form of downtime insurance. Contact us and we’ll work closely with you to determine the right size and setup of the AIRTECT to meet your exact needs.

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