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Tracer Electronic Flowmeter with Flow Characteristic Indicator (FCI)

Measures liquid flow rate, temperature, calculates BTUs per minute, and Turbulent Flow. The highly-visible display is configured via the sealed push buttons and user-friendly menus. Quickly spot-check temperature and flow in water lines using the LCD Tracer flowmeter. This portable LCD unit is unmatched as a troubleshooting tool. As a process control tool, the Tracer can be left in place to closely monitor more critical applications. The adjustable, automatic shut-off feature prolongs battery life.


  • Flow rate in gallons or liters per minute, +/- 5% Accuracy based on full range
  • Turbulent Flow Display (FCI)
  • Optional NIST Traceable Calibration available
  • Turbine flow measurement
  • Temperature displayed in tenths of a degree
  • BTU Display
  • Mount in any position
  • Accepts flow in either direction
  • 3/8" and 2" NPT(F) connection sizes
  • Battery powered
  • Programmable "on" time

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