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Kuri Tec® General Tubing Products

K050 circle

Kuri Tec® Series K050 All Purpose non-toxic food grade clear PVC tubing for general use applications (1/8" - 2" ID)

K010 circle

KLEARON™ 73 Series K010 clear PVC non-toxic food and beverage grade tubing (1/8" - 2" ID)

K018 circle

KLEARON™ 68 Series K018 clear non-toxic PVC food grade tubing for applications requiring more flexibility. FDA, RoHS, USP compliant (1/8" - 5/8" ID)

2600 circle

Kuri Tec® Series 2600 85 Shore "A" Ether-Based Clear Food Grade Polyurethane Tubing for transfer of air, fluids and abrasive slurries (1/8" - 1/2" ID)

2840 circle

Kuri Tec® Series 2840 Shore "A" Ether-Based Heavy Duty Polyurethane Tubing available in colors for transfer of air, fluids and abrasive slurries (1/4" ID - 3/8" ID)

3300 circle

Series 3300 Ether Based, Polyurethane-Lined PVC Tubing (1/4"-3/8" ID)

220 circle

220 Series LLDPE Food Grade Polyethylene Tubing (1/4"-5/8" ID)

221 circle

221 Series Linear Low Density Industrial Grade Polyethylene Tubing (1/4"-5/8" ID)


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