Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

Paratherm™ Heat Transfer Fluids

For temperature control in molding, extrusion, press heating, line tracing, and coating rolls, Paratherm™ Corporation manufactures several specialized heat transfer fluids and a liquid cleaner for hot-oil units.

Paratherm lr circle

Paratherm™ LR Single Fluid Heating and Cooling - Non Aromatic - Non Aqueous

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Paratherm™ MR Heat Transfer Fluid. Non-Toxic Single Fluid Heating/Cooling

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Paratherm™ NF Heat Transfer Fluid. Low Viscosity for Easy Start Up

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Paratherm™ OR Thermal Fluid. Sludge Resistant, Non-Fouling, Non-Toxic

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Paratherm™ SC System Cleaner Liquid. Cleaning fluid for Hot Oil Temperature Control Units


Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

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