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SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface

The SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface collects, transmits and saves data from TracerVM base flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling circuits.

Flowmeters purchased separately are connected via cable to the SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface. The Interface provides power to each flowmeter and receives voltage signals for temperature and flow.

The SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface wirelessly transmits flow and temperature to display on a mobile device. Flow condition data log files can be created via app and saved on USB flash drive documenting the mold cooling conditions.

The Interface also communicates over Ethernet connection to PC software for network file storage and alerts.  Configuration files save alarm settings and session setups to save time and maintain data consistency.  The files are easily read into database software for reference or analysis. Scientific Molders can use this data to confirm processing parameters and optimize cycle times and cooling water efficiency.  

When used with PC software, a dry contact switch is available for connection to a peripheral or machine control to signal an alarm for out of limit cooling water conditions.  Alerts are disabled when recording is not active.

NETWORK CONNECTION REQUIREMENT:  When used with PC software, the SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface must be connected through a DHCP Client such as a wireless router or Local Area Network that will automatically assign an IP address.  The interface will not communicate if plugged directly into a computer.


  • Transmits temperature and flow/conditions in real time to mobile devices for process monitoring up to 20 meters away
  • Simplifies multiple TracerVM base installations by providing power, ground and signal termination near the process
  • Gasketed, water-resistant plastic enclosure provides secure mounting in locations where occasional water spray is present
  • Ethernet port connects the Interface to a local network for communication with Data Logger PC software
  • USB port provides mobile device charging plus flash drive connection
  • Free Android or iOS app and SMARTFLOW Data Logger PC software included
  • (VMBT1-102 only) When used with PC software, a dry contact switch is available to signal out of limit flow conditions (temperature and flow rate.) 


  • Housing-NEMA4X Compliant
  • Operating Temperature - 0°C to 52°C (32°F to 125°F)
  • Maximum Wireless Range - 20 meters (65.6 ft)
  • Maximum Sensor Distance to SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface - 3 meters (10 ft)
  • Power Required - 8 to 28VDC with Earth Ground (required for signal integrity)
  • Relay Switch Rating - 2A, 250VDC/220VAC (model VMBTI-102 only)
  • Liquid-Tight Cord Grips
  • Free Android or iOS app and SMARTFLOW Data Logger PC software (included)
  • Smartphone, Table and/or PC purchased separately


The TracerVM mobile app is available for free download from iTunes or the Google Play store.  Search for "Tracer VM".  The mobile app displays temperature and flow rate data from one Interface module with up to 8 flowmeters at one time.  The SMARTFLOW Data Logger PC software can be dowloaded here.

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SMARTLINK TracerVM Interface
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