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TracerVMA with AutoReg

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Automatically adjusts flow rate to user-selected value regardless of changes in line pressure. Includes programmable SPDT switch, analog output and FCI technology.


  • Programmable Target Flow Rate or Reynolds Number
  • Separate Analog Outputs (0-3.5/4.1.0-5 or 0-10V selectable) for temperature and flow
  • Actuator Alarm switch notifies the user when minumum flow rate or Reynolds Number cannot be maintained
  • Programmable SPDT switch, 1A, 30VAC/30VDC
  • Flow rate Display in gallons or liters per minute, +/- 1.5% accuracy based on full scale
  • Temperature Display in degrees fahrenheit or celsius, +/- 0.5°C accuracy
  • Temperature range: 0° to 120°C (32°F to 248°F)
  • Volume Totalizer function
  • Turbulent Flow Display (FCI)
  • Reynolds Number Display
  • BTU's per minute calculation with optional glycol % input
  • 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" NPT(F) flow connection sizes
  • LOCAL or REMOTE mount user interface
  • Accurate Vortex Shedding Sensor Technology
  • Pressure gauges are available

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