SMARTFLOW® Flowmeters


SMARTFLOW® Flowmeters

SMARTFLOW® flowmeters effectively and accurately measure flow rate. Available with a number of options including thermometers, pressure gauges, liquid-filled pressure gauges and quick change socket and plug. Electronic flowmeters featuring FCI (Flow Characteristic Indicator).

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Newtracer autoreg2 circle

Tracer®vma with AutoReg™ automatically adjusts flow rate to user-selected value regardless of changes in line pressure.  Includes programmable SPDT Switch, analog output and FCI technology.

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Programmable SPDT Switch, Analog Output, and FCI (Flow Characteristic Indicator) Technology with New Totalizer Function

Tracerm circle

A non-display sensor that provides a 0.5 to 3.5 volt output for process temperature and flow rate. Flow sensor technology is vortex shedding behind a bluff body.

Tracer 3

Electronic flowmeters with digital display 0-8 to 10-110 gpm with optional stainless steel bodies. 

Tracer switching flowmeter circle

Electronic Switching Flowmeters measure liquid flow rate and temperature while providing one programmable switching set point for high or low flow or temperature.

Mechanicalflowmeter circle

Mechanical flowmeters in many sizes with flow rates from 1.5 gpm to 150 gpm and optional temperature and pressure gauges.

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 Dr. Eddy® diagnoses flow condition using Fluid Characteristic Indication (FCI) Technology to achieve turbulent flow and minimize water usage.


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