Plastixs® PE5 Ejector Sleeves

Item #: PE5-MAIN

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Plastixs® PE5 Ejector Sleeves

Plastixs PE5 Ejector Sleeves are nitrided on the inner diameter and the outer diameter for smooth performance with standard ejector pins or through hardened pins.

  • Standard: American Inch
  • Material: H-13
  • Nitrided O.D. and I.D. 65-74 Rc

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Additional information

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Pin Diameter

(.0938) 3/32"
(.1250) 1/8"
(.1563) 5/32"
(.1875) 3/16"
(.2188) 7/32"
(.2500) 1/4"
(.3125) 5/16"
(.3750) 3/8"
(.4375) 7/16"
(.5000) 1/2"
(.5625) 9/16"
(.6250) 5/8"
(.7500) 3/4"

Pin Length


SKU PE5-094L3
SKU PE5-094L4
SKU PE5-094L5
SKU PE5-094L6
SKU PE5-094L7
SKU PE5-125L3
SKU PE5-125L4
SKU PE5-125L5
SKU PE5-125L6
SKU PE5-125L7
SKU PE5-156L4
SKU PE5-156L5
SKU PE5-156L6
SKU PE5-156L7
SKU PE5-156L8
SKU PE5-156L9
SKU PE5-156L10
SKU PE5-187L4
SKU PE5-187L5
SKU PE5-187L6
SKU PE5-187L7
SKU PE5-187L8
SKU PE5-187L9
SKU PE5-187L10
SKU PE5-187L11
SKU PE5-187L12
SKU PE5-219L4
SKU PE5-219L5
SKU PE5-219L6
SKU PE5-219L7
SKU PE5-219L8
SKU PE5-219L9
SKU PE5-219L10
SKU PE5-250L4
SKU PE5-250L5
SKU PE5-250L6
SKU PE5-250L7
SKU PE5-250L8
SKU PE5-250L9
SKU PE5-250L10
SKU PE5-250L11
SKU PE5-250L12
SKU PE5-312L4
SKU PE5-312L5
SKU PE5-312L6
SKU PE5-312L7
SKU PE5-312L8
SKU PE5-312L9
SKU PE5-312L10
SKU PE5-312L11
SKU PE5-312L12
SKU PE5-375L4
SKU PE5-375L5
SKU PE5-375L6
SKU PE5-375L7
SKU PE5-375L8
SKU PE5-375L9
SKU PE5-375L10
SKU PE5-375L11
SKU PE5-375L12
SKU PE5-437L4
SKU PE5-437L5
SKU PE5-437L6
SKU PE5-437L7
SKU PE5-437L8
SKU PE5-437L9
SKU PE5-437L10
SKU PE5-437L11
SKU PE5-437L12
SKU PE5-500L4
SKU PE5-500L5
SKU PE5-500L6
SKU PE5-500L7
SKU PE5-500L8
SKU PE5-500L9
SKU PE5-500L10
SKU PE5-500L11
SKU PE5-500L12
SKU PE5-562L4
SKU PE5-562L5
SKU PE5-562L6
SKU PE5-562L7
SKU PE5-562L8
SKU PE5-562L9
SKU PE5-562L10
SKU PE5-562L11
SKU PE5-562L12
SKU PE5-625L4
SKU PE5-625L5
SKU PE5-625L6
SKU PE5-625L7
SKU PE5-625L8
SKU PE5-625L9
SKU PE5-625L10
SKU PE5-625L11
SKU PE5-625L12
SKU PE5-750L4
SKU PE5-750L5
SKU PE5-750L6
SKU PE5-750L7
SKU PE5-750L8
SKU PE5-750L9
SKU PE5-750L10
SKU PE5-750L11
SKU PE5-750L12

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